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Why Dance?

Dancing Makes Us Happy!

Not only is it fun, but dancing also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It's also a great way to get fit so let's get those feet moving!


Dancing improves your energy, and your sleep. Have you ever wondered how old those dancers really are? The true Anti-Ageing affect is dance, it reduces the risk of dementia and increases mental capacity by exercising cognitive processes. Improve your  focus and create NEW neural pathways while maintaining a healthy weight, toned muscles and increrased strength.


A great cardio workout without the boredom. Improve your heart and cardiovascular system. Increase lung capacity and bone strength. And most importantly, you get to meet new people everyday! 


What's To Know

I’ll leave all the years of hard work, tears, blood, happiness and triumphs aside and skip right over to today. I am now based in Australia and a multiple times Australian Salsa and Bachata Champion, I have run the longest-standing Latin Dance School in Sydney for 2 years. I have learned from, trained with, and taught with one of the best dancers in the world and in addition, I had the opportunity to partner with him as his official dance partner for 2 years. None of this was easy, in fact, I’ve lost more competitions than I’ve won. However, life is not a race, it is a marathon.

I want you to know that I am just like you. I have fears, motivation, second doubts, drive, goals, insecurities, ambitions, failures and success. Whilst having all of these human traits, I have dedicated over 15 years of my life to my one true passion and calling in life, and I am someone that has been there, where you are right now, wanting to experience a change in your dance, an epiphany, or better yet, a breakthrough. With the right approach, obtaining the right resources and with someone that has already been where you are, you can achieve absolutely anything and everything you set yourself up to, in dance and in LIFE! And don't be shy, don’t limit yourself, set those high goals and be greedy! Because that is the best way to go out there and get what you’re capable of. Now as a solo artist, with all my years of training, experience, expertise, and lessons, I’m honored to travel around the world and deliver my work to all of you. I share all my extensive dance training, my life lessons, and my coaching with students wanting to be the type of dancer I know they’re capable of. I have all the right tools to be part of your dance journey and this is my humble and official invitation to you. 

I now encourage you to take that next step and allow me to be part of your dance journey. What have you got to lose?


  • July 2022 - Taught, performed and judged at the Miami Salsa Congress 

  • July 2022 -  Taught, performed and judged at the Boston Salsa Congress 

  • August 2021 - Chosen to represent Australia as part of the ‘Salsa Around the World’  Project presented by Fania Records (only 10 couples in the world)

  • 2019 World Salsa Solo – Open Bachata Cabaret Teams division – 1st Place

  • 2019 World Salsa Solo – Open Salsa Cabaret division – 2nd Place

  • 2018 World Salsa Solo – Professional Bachata Freestyle – 2nd Place

  • 2018 and 2017 World Salsa Solo - Open Salsa Shines Team – 1st place 2 years in a row

  • 2017 Australian Bachata Championship – Professional division – 1st Place

  • 2017 World Salsa Solo – Bachata Freestyle Professional division – 2nd Place

  • 2017 Australian Bachata Championships – Open Mixed latin Teams – 3rd Place

  • 2016 Australian Dance Cup – Bachata Cabaret Professional couple division – 2nd Place

  • 2015 ALDC -Australian Bachata Open Cabaret couples division – 2nd Place

  • 2015 Australian Bachata Amateur Freestyle Champion x2 1st Place

  • 2015 Australian Salsa Amateur Freestyle Champion 1st Place

  • 2014 Australian Bachata Amateur Cabaret Champion 1st Place

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