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About Mercedes

My name is Mercedes Olivera, born in Peru from a humble family and let me tell you a bit about my life.

I wasn’t gifted the luxury of being classically trained from the age of 3 like most other elite professional dancers. My parents were not financially secure to provide me with that type of training. On the contrary, I started dancing when I was 6 years old with an average dance teacher at a public school in a third-world country which is Peru. My dad enrolled me in dance because from the day I could walk he could see that I couldn't stop dancing. I might not have had access to endless resources, but I had a neverending burning flame to dance and the most magical dance dreams a little girl could have.


Regardless of your background story or the cards you were dealt with in life, I am here to tell you that with determination, drive, the grind (yes, the ugly grind), and the right approach YOU can achieve absolutely anything you set yourself to!

Dance Elite Program (DEP)

Private classes

No events at the moment
Let The Art of Dance Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul
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Check out my Youtube Channel coming out soon for some awesome and smooth dance videos. You will find social dance videos, tutorials, performances and demos to keep you inspired and driven!

Have a look at the latest video of the Series called 'Salsa around the world' presented by Fania Records. Ten dance couples around the world were selected to showcase a piece to one of their favourite songs produced by Fania. 

Dancing alongside Oliver Pineda, enjoy! 

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